What are ‘green’ countertops?


No, we aren’t recommending St. Patrick’s Day colored counters, we’re talking about recycled countertops!

If you are passionate about making a difference in the world while also making your kitchen or bathroom look stunning with gorgeous countertops, consider looking to ‘green’ countertops made from recycled products.

We carry a variety of lines made from recycled glass and/or stone particulates that are bound by resin, making these products durable as much as they are environmentally friendly.

Where do these materials come from? Oftentimes the recycled materials are collected from discarded glass bottles, window glass, or windshield glass.

Because these materials are made with resin and other strong particles, their maintenance is relatively low and easy compared to some other countertop options. Because they are nonporous, they do not require sealing.

Our ‘green’ countertops are also exceptionally durable. They are stain-resistant and will withstand years of everyday use.

If you are interested in learning more about recycled countertops or the brands we currently carry, contact Aphrodite Marble & Granite today!