6 Kitchen Renovation Tips to Make Your Project Go Smoothly

According to a 2022 U.S. Houzz and Home Study, 28% of all homeowners choose the kitchen for their renovation project. But the kitchen is more than just the most frequently-remodeled space; it also receives more use than any other room. Kitchen improvements, therefore, require more careful planning, and here are some tips to ensure no detail is overlooked.


#1. Design Around Your Existing Structure

Many people opt for a kitchen remodel because they are unhappy with the layout or design of their current space. But while functionality is important, making too many changes will drastically increase the cost and scope of your project. Plumbing and electrical lines are already established and are incredibly challenging to move. Accordingly, it would help if your design minimizes these changes.

Rather than gutting everything, look for ways to take what you already have and revamp it to better suit your lifestyle. Some upgrades to consider include:

  • Pullout racks between cabinets to maximize storage

  • A moveable kitchen island to add more workspace

  • Countertop extensions that fold up or down on an as-needed basis

  • Hidden USB ports or charging stations inside drawers

  • A seating area that would double as a home office, craft station, etc.

#2. Prioritize Features

Consider what you hope to accomplish with a new kitchen upgrade. Are you looking for more storage, easier cleanup, or improved workflow? List your most important goals and then prioritize the features that will best help you achieve them. For example, focus more on new countertops or a kitchen island to streamline meal preparation rather than lighting.

#3. Consider Aesthetics

You probably spend more time in the kitchen than in any other room of your home. This means your renovated space should be just as attractive as it is practical. So in addition to creating a focal point, you should also select features that flow seamlessly yet provide pleasing aesthetics all on their own.

Visual appeal becomes even more important when mixing and matching cabinets and/or countertops. It’s hard to picture what different materials, colors, or edges will look like once they are in place. But after a trip to our showroom, you can better decide what will work best for you and what won’t. Your planning isn’t complete without a visit to our location, so stop by and see us today.

#4. Consider Future Upgrades

Kitchen trends come and go and so do lifestyle changes. As such, this may not be the last kitchen renovation you take on. Keep that thought in mind when choosing a design that fills up every square inch with something. Consider whether you might someday want to add a new freezer, wall oven, or larger refrigerator and leave room for expansion.

#5. Plan for Temporary Meal Prep

Even a minor kitchen overhaul can temporarily restrict your usage of it. Consequently, you’ll need to consider how and where you will prepare meals during the renovation process. It doesn’t have to be elaborate- a leftover base cabinet tucked into a hallway or corner can provide enough space for a hotplate or microwave. And temporary, peel-and-stick hooks will allow space to hang essential items for just a little while.

#6. Speak with Knowledgeable Professionals Beforehand

There’s no substitute for the knowledge you’ll gain from speaking with a professional. That’s especially true when discussing what is probably one of the biggest components of your renovation-kitchen countertops. Here at Aphrodite Marble and Granite, we are knowledgeable, professional, and eager to help you make the right choice. Come by our showroom or use our online estimate form to learn more.