What to Consider When Shopping for Kitchen Countertops

Aside from your cabinets, your countertops are what people will notice most about your kitchen. Even so, counters do more than just add style, as they must be functional and durable. Choosing precisely the right worktops is very important, so we have listed some factors that will help guide you in your decision.



You may have other uses for your counters aside from preparing meals. For example, you may use them for crafts or for working from home. Accordingly, you will want a material that will stand up to your versatile lifestyle.

Consider the various materials and their pros and cons to find one that will work best for you. A few that are popular among our New Jersey clients include:

  • Marble, a timeless classic that is always in style but requires resealing every few years

  • Granite, a low-maintenance stone that resists bacteria yet often feels cold to the touch

  • Quartz, a hardy material that resists chips and cracks but is also heavier than many other options


The right shade of countertop is essential to your overall kitchen design. Do you have a particular color scheme in mind or are you looking for neutral hues? Getting the color right is almost as important as choosing the perfect material.

Remember that just because you go with a stone such as granite, marble, or quartz does not mean you are limited in your color choices. Natural stone is available in numerous pigmentations, and you’ll find slabs with visible veins and other features too. So the best way to determine which shade is right is to view several of them in person. Drop by our showroom to see a few pieces and find one you will fall in love with.

Will You Mix and Match?

Will you have only one countertop throughout your kitchen, or will you mix things up a bit? As a previous blog post mentioned, mixing and matching kitchen counters remains popular, even though the trend toward excessive combinations is largely over. If this is something you want, you’ll need to pick out two different worktops and then decide where you would like to place each.


How much you have to spend on a work surface will play a major role in your decision. You may be tempted to purchase low-quality countertops in order to save money, but remember this is something you will use almost constantly. So it is worth spending a few extra dollars to get something that you are truly satisfied with.

When it comes to kitchen counters, you get what you pay for. Accordingly, we do not recommend using an inferior material just to save a few dollars. You’ll probably regret your choice, and will likely need to replace them sooner as well. Instead, focus on getting the best possible value for your money. Once you begin using your new worktops, you will be glad you didn’t cut corners in this area.

Knowledgeable, Experienced Contractor

Installing a kitchen counter is not something you should attempt yourself. As such, choosing the right contractor is just as important as material, color, price, or any other aspect. A reputable company will provide quality materials, professional installation, and exceptional service to boot.

Here at Aphrodite Marble & Granite, we’re proud of our selection and service to those in the Burlington, Monmouth, Ocean, and Atlantic County areas. Drop by our Forked River showroom to view our selection, or use our easy online contact form to schedule a quote.